Rocket League Trading Guide

Rocket League Trading Guide
Rocket League Trading Guide

Trading items have grown to become a very large part of Rocket League and this Rocket League trading guide is meant to help you with trading and how to avoid getting scammed. We will do so by giving you some trading tips and tricks along with examples of common scam tactics used in Rocket League trading. Enjoy!


Rocket League trading sites


Most importantly you need a platform from where you can find other players to trade with. A simple google search will provide you with some results that may help you. Maybe that is how you found RLCrate in the first place! We will list a couple of options below as well for your convenience.

First we want to make you aware of using RLCrate trading feed and platforms – /trade


Trade Rocket League RLCrate
Rocket League Trading Guide – Trade Rocket League RLCrate

Make sure to declare what items you Have or Want using an image, text or other media and include contact details.

[H] = Have an item and to trade it

[W] = Want an item and want to trade for it

If you want to post a trade offer:


  1. Upload
  2. Choose A Format
  3. Choose A Category


When using RLCrate website you collect points when posting trade offers. These points can be used for entries in giveaways and competitions where you can win Rocket League items. We will also highlight some trades in our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed.


Other sites:



Rocket League Prices


After finding one place or several places to post your trade offer you need the decide on a price or a value for the item you have or want.
This step is one of the most important ones as you want to trade for prices that are in line with the market or under the market. However, a price is subjective to your valuation and your valuation may be anchored by other factors other than the current market prices. As a rule of thumb you should refer to any available price lists or look up similar trades that were made recently.

RLCrate have a Rocket League price list that is updated weekly compiled from various sources – /rocket-league-price-list
If you google Rocket League price list you will be presented with a couple of sources you can find prices for different Rocket League prices.
You can also refer to third party vendors and deduct X% from listed item prices and base the value of your item on that.

Third party vendors:






Overpaying for an item is something you should try to avoid since you want to trade market values or underpaying. It is always up to you to decide whether you want to go through with a trade or not.

Make use of Rocket League price list before trading or scroll through some trading feeds to get an idea about the prices.

If you decide to overpay for an item it is OK if you plan to use the item.

It can also be OK to overpay if the item is in very high demand so you can expect that someone else is willing to overpay. However this is risky and there are no guarantees that someone will overpay for that item once you want to trade it. We will go through this more in the part about trading Rocket League items for profit.


Rocket League trading for profits


Some people want to trade for items they want to use in-game and some wants to collect all the available Rocket League item to have a complete inventory.
Then there are those that want to trade to make as much profit as possible.

If you plan to make profit out of Rocket League trading you need to realise one thing, information is key! The more you know the better. You will be able to make better decision when faced with an offer if you know a lot.

Make sure to collect many sources for previous trades and prices and use your information when you go through trading platforms. This way, when you know a lot you will be able to spot good trades and act on them fast.

Look for people that need items they want to use in-game. People looking for an item they want to use are more likely to pay a little bit extra to get a particular item. If you can make many trades with these types of people you are likely to make profits.

Avoid overpaying for items unless you know what you are doing. An example where overpaying is viable is when the item is in very high demand so you have good chances finding someone that would pay more or that the prices of that item is likely to increase.

Avoid speculating on future prices unless you know what you are doing.


Scam tactics


We have already mentioned different scam tactics in other sections of this website. Since scamming is a common problem in Rocket League trading we think that it is important to raise as much awareness as possible around this issue.


The most important thing to avoid scams, always double check the content of a trade before accepting it.




Only use websites that have a SSL certificate that encrypts user data and keep you secure. Having a HTTPS is not a guarantee but try to avoid simple HTTP websites.



Color scam


The scammer lie about the item colors. It is easy to prevent getting scammed by this tactic, simply click “Show Details” and double check before accepting the Rocket League trade.


“You go first”


This is a common scam where the scammer ask you to go first in a trade that exceed the “safe” trading limits. You go first and they take your items without giving anything in return.

If you use a trusted middle man for this then you are more safe from getting scammed.




If you see the word Duplication in any context of Rocket League or any other major game for that matter. Do not engage, do not click the link, just ignore it – this is always a scam!

There is no way game developers of this magnitude would allow item duplication bugs. If you see the word “Duplication” run for the hills!


Fake accounts


This is another common and effective scam tactic. The scammer will create an account impersonating a famous trader, player, youtuber or streamer. Always check account details and make sure that the account details match that of the real person to limit the chance to get scammed by an impersonator.


Non Rocket League items


Some scammers offer attractive trades by including items from other games. Never engage in such a deal without a trusted middle man. RLCrate are happy to act as middle man if you need one Contact Us


Middle man scame


Always make sure that the middle man you use in a trade is not associated with the player you are trading with. RLCrate are happy to act as middle man if you need one Contact Us


False reputation


Having +rep on a profile means nothing. Anyone can fake +rep. There are services online that offer fake +rep exactly for this purpose.

The general feeling before engaging in a trade is that if the person have a high reputation it is something positive, but as often it can be the opposite. The scammer want to give you a false sense of security by showing off a high +rep, only problem is that the +rep is fake.

+rep means nothing! Always be careful.


Steam level


This is exactly the same principle as False Reputation. A scammer want to give you a false sense of security by showing off a high Steam level. Always be careful when trading.

Even if a user have Steam Level 100+ you need to be careful and use a trusted middle man when trading non Rocket League items or 50+ Rocket League keys.


Trade bans


If a person have previous trade bans you need to be very cautious when engaging in a trade. If they have a history of shady dealings they are likely to do it again. We would advice you to never trade for outside items or 50+ keys with a person who have previous trade bans.

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