Buy Rocket League Items

Buy Rocket League Items
Buy Rocket League Items

Some items are difficult to get and you might want to buy the item instead. Acquiring items by opening crates is exciting but it can get expensive if you are trying to get a specific Black Market decal. Below you can find options on where to buy Rocket League items.

On each marketplace you are also able to buy Rocket League crates and Rocket League keys.

We only suggest 100% safe options. In the bottom you can find some pros and cons using official market place vs third party websites, these does not apply to Rocket League at the moment since you are not able to trade vi Steam community market. We believe Psyonix will leverage Steam community market eventually so we have chosen to write about it. Also these pros and cons apply to other games such as CSGO, PUBG, Dota 2 and TF2 that you might be playing and actively buying, selling and trading items in.


In-Game Shop


At the moment the only available items to buy through the In-Game shop is DLC and Keys. It is not possible to buy single items from other players. If you want to read more about Rocket League keys and a price list for keys go hereĀ rocket-league-keys/

At the moment there is not possible to buy or sell items over the Steam community market. You can only buy DLC through Stream. It is likely Psyonix will make use of the community market eventually so we get a market place just like CSGO and PUBG.

However, even with Steam market available it is not necessarily the best option to buy and sell Rocket League items. When using the Steam market you are only able to receive Steam Credits. Steam Credits can not be withdrawn or used outside of Steam. These credits are exclusive to the Steam platform and can be used to purchase content such as games, DLC or community market items.

The big drawback with the Steam community market are the high transaction fees.

The fee deducted by Steam is currently 5% and the fee deducted by game developer is currently at 10%. The effective transaction fee on each transaction is 15%.

As you can see in tables below, using the community market in Steam is expensive.




If you are a US customer using the Steam community market and hit 200 transactions (or $20,000 worth of transactions) you will be blocked from using the market. This is because you will be liable to pay taxes to the US government. The trading will be unblocked once you have filled up a taxation form.
This means that Buying through the Steam platform might incur more fees on top of the transaction fees.
This is not an issue for non-US users however.




You are able to advertise that you want to buy items for real money via RLCrate.

When you post buy offers you also collect points that can be used for RLCrate giveaways and competitions where you can win Rocket League items.

Please refer to the trading disclaimer regarding posting of buy offers on RLCrate and read through the page for information on how to avoid scams. Trading disclaimer hereĀ /trading


Third Party


First off, using third parties to buy, sell or trade Rocket League items is forbidden by Psyonix. If they discover that you have been using third parties to buy, sell or trade they might suspend or delete your account. This happens very rarely as it is very difficult for Psyonix to discover this.

It is important to remember that buying from a third party is perfectly legal, it is in no way illegal. It is only forbidden by Psyonix and may in rare cases result in the player getting their account suspended or deleted.

Second, using third parties to buy,sell or trade items or crates is not always safe. You are paying a third party and rely on the delivery of service independent of Psyonix. There are plenty of scammers out there and they get away by being anonymous.

Thankfully there are plenty of safe options out there as well. Companies that buy, sell and trade in-game items for various game titles and have been doing so for many years.
These websites are safe and have different protections in place to protect all parties involved in a transaction.

We only promote 100% Safe websites that provide protected services for buying, selling and trading Rocket League items and crates.


List of safe websites to buy Rocket League items




G2G Games Marketplace is a safe option to buy Rocket League items, crates and keys. They have excellent reputation and provide protected services.

G2G opened their doors in 2013 and are one of the pioneers in player-to-player and virtual currencies in the form of in-game items such as Rocket League items.

Today they have 100+ products. Accept over 22 different currencies and have 200+ payment methods.

G2G have up to 67% cheaper fees compared to Steam depending on what rank the seller have. Below you can find complete table of different seller and fee structures from G2G.

You can visit G2G by clicking the banner below or through this link: G2G Marketplace




Visit G2G Games

Buy Sell Trade Rocket League G2G
Buy Rocket League items at G2G

Pros and Cons


At this moment the Pros and Cons are invalid since the community market is not available through Steam. The only option have if you want to sell Rocket League items is to go through 3rd party websites and forums.

Since it is likely that Psyonix will enable the Steam community market eventually we will highlight some pros and cons that are valid for all titles available on the Steam market such as CSGO, PUBG, Dota 2 and TF2.

As described there are some pros and cons with using either the Steam community market or third party market places.

Since all our suggestions for third party websites are 100% safe it all boils down to the risk of having your account suspended or deleted by Psyonix for using third party websites.

Psyonix suspending or deleting accounts due to this happens very rarely. The trade off is that you save a lot of money using third parties due to lower transaction fees.

Optionally you use the Steam community market and comply with Psyonix terms of use. The trade off is spending more money. Paying a premium for the safety and complying with Psyonix terms and conditions.

Personally we have used many different market places buying, selling and trading in-game items in a couple of different games, even using websites that are not listed on our website. We never had an issue getting scammed or having game account suspended or deleted.
With that being said, it can still happen but only very rarely. If you are careful you will not get scammed and your game account will be safe.


If you want to report any third party website or player please Contact Us

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