Rocket League Trading

Rocket League Trading
Rocket League Trading

Trade via RLCrate


You can use RLCrate to advertise your trade offers.

Define [H] = Have or [W] = Want

Provide personal information containing SteamID so user is able to find you.

When posting trade offers you also collect points that can be used for RLCrate giveaways and competitions where you can win Rocket League items.


Trading Disclaimer


Please read our /trading-rules

Read through this page regarding scamming and make sure to stay safe when trading with other players.

Contact Us if you are in need of a middle man and we will provide this service.


Report Users


If you encounter any scammers or attempts of scam, please report incident to us via Contact Us. It is important to us that any trading advertised through our website is kept clean as we are trying to create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.




Rocket League Trading Glossary

When you enter Rocket League trading websites or chatroom you will encounter “[H] [W]”, “(H) (W)” or simply “H W”.

This is a universal abbreviation in Rocket League trading, for example:

[H] <Item>

H = is short for Have, the item you Have and want to trade.

[W] <Item>

W = is short for Want, the item you Want to receive in a trade.

<Image of example and link to that website>

If you want a full glossary of Rocket League trading abbreviations and Rocket League in general, check this article: <INSERT LINK>


Rocket League Item Value


Price List

All Rocket League crates and items fetch a different price. Price depends on rarity and to a lesser extent popularity. Price can differ based on personal opinion or affection but normally you should stick to referring to available price lists. If you check Rocket League price list you do not end up overpaying for an item that you could have obtained cheaper than the asking price. Price list under construction



In case that a item is overpriced when you are looking to obtain it, we advice that you wait. If you are in no rush to get a particular item then it is a good idea to check the price history of the item, that way you can see what the price have been the last 30 days or so. If the price is much higher at the moment you want to get the item it might be a good idea to wait a day or two, most often the price will regress to the mean and you will get the item closer to the historical/average value.


Rocket League Scamming

Here is a list of the most common scam tactics employed in Rocket League trading. If you find yourself in any of these situations, proceed with caution or simply exit the trade if you engaged with the person or website.

Always be careful when trading Rocket League items or crate!


Add/Remove Item

This is the most common scam tactic and one of the most successful out of all Rocket League scam tactic.

The scammer add uncommon items to the trade box and hide the valuable item, then they will remove the valuable item and accept the trade. Because of the high volume of low value items it is easy to miss that the person removed the valuable item.

It is very easy to avoid getting scammed by the Add/Remove Item tactic, simply double check the content of the trade before you accept the trade.



If you see the word Duplication in any context of Rocket League or any other major game for that matter. Do not engage, do not click the link, just ignore it – this is always a scam!

There is no way game developers of this magnitude would allow item duplication bugs. If you see the word “Duplication” run for the hills!


Color Scam

The scammer lie about the item colors. It is easy to prevent getting scammed by this tactic, simply click “Show Details” and double check before accepting the Rocket League trade.


Fake Accounts

This is another common and effective scam tactic. The scammer will create an account impersonating a famous trader, player, youtuber or streamer. Always check account details and make sure that the account details match that of the real person to limit the chance to get scammed by an impersonator.



Non Rocket League Items

Some scammers offer attractive trades by including items from other games. Never engage in such a deal without a trusted middle man. Find out more about middle man here: Under Construction


Middle Man Scam

Always make sure that the middle man you use in a trade is not associated with the player you are trading with. Read our full guide on middle man if you are unsure on how to go about using a middle man.


“You go first”

This is a common scam where the scammer ask you to go first in a trade that exceed the “safe” trading limits. You go first and they take your items without giving anything in return.

If you use a trusted middle man for this then you are more safe from getting scammed.


False Reputation

Having +rep on a profile means nothing. Anyone can fake +rep. There are services online that offer fake +rep exactly for this purpose.

The general feeling before engaging in a trade is that if the person have a high reputation it is something positive, but as often it can be the opposite. The scammer want to give you a false sense of security by showing off a high +rep, only problem is that the +rep is fake.

+rep means nothing! Always be careful.


Steam Level

This is exactly the same principle as False Reputation. A scammer want to give you a false sense of security by showing off a high Steam level. Always be careful when trading.

Even if a user have Steam Level 100+ you need to be careful and use a trusted middle man when trading non Rocket League items or 50+ Rocket League keys.


Trade Bans

If a person have previous trade bans you need to be very cautious when engaging in a trade. If they have a history of shady dealings they are likely to do it again. We would advice you to never trade for outside items or 50+ keys with a person who have previous trade bans.



A certified item is a special item that record a certain stat. Certified items are dynamic and can be leveled up by unlocking achievements for the stat category that is being tracked.

Items that can be certified includes Decals, Wheels and Toppers.

Certified items can add value to an item but this is not always the case. Be careful not to overpay for an item just because it is has a Rocket League certification.

You can find a full Rocket League certifications guide here: Under Construction


If you have any suggestions or complaints please Contact Us

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