Rocket League Glossary and Tutorials

A-Z Rocket League Glossary
A-Z Rocket League Glossary

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Trading Glossary




[H] <Item>

H = is short for Have, the item you Have and want to trade.

[W] <Item>

W = is short for Want, the item you Want to receive in a trade.

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Rocket League Glossary

Rocket League Slang and Rocket League Tutorials


Bump or Bumping


Hitting an opponent or ally car.

Example: I got bumped and was out of position to save the ball.




A player will try and put the ball in front of the goal.

Example: Centering.




On kick-off a person when a player drives behind the player who will strike the ball on kick-of try to predict where the ball will end up in order to get immediate control. This can result in two people going up while the ball end up somewhere the player who “Cheated” did not predict.

Example: I’m cheating this one, try to get it to the right.




A shot by striking the very bottom of the ball while not boosting or jumping.



When a player clear the ball when the pressure is high, moving the ball away from the players own net in order to create some breathing room on the defense.

Example: I will try and clear the ball down mid-field.


Coast to Coast


Offensive play, when a player get the ball from their own defensive end to the opponents goal very quickly. More impressive if it leads to a finish or a goal. The ends of the pitch are referred to as “Coasts”.

Example: He went coast to coast.




A 50/50 or similar situation where two opposing players challenge each other for control of the ball.

Example: I contested the ball so his pass did not go through.


Double Touch or Double Tap


A double touch is usually used in aerials to mess up the balls trajectory to make it difficult for the opponent to predict where the ball will land. A player hits the ball twice in the air or when the ball is hit into the wall and rebounded straight into the player.

Example: That double tap really messed up the opponents goalie.



A dribble is when a player control the ball with the side panels and the roof of the battle car.

Example: I dribbled the ball around him.



When you block someones Shot, pass, save, clear or Block. The opponent player hit the ball and immediately after you hit it past him, usually right over him but this term is not limited to the ball going above the opponent player.

Example: That lucky ass*%&! dunked me on kick-off.


Fifty Fifty, 50/50, Coinflip


When two opponents have equal chance at the ball and neither of them are in control of the ball.

Example: I won the 50/50.



When a player spin constantly during an aerial hitting the ball and scoring a goal.

Example: Awesome freestyle goal man.



The ball is flying in the air and a player stop it from bouncing once the ball hits the ground.

Example: I am going to ground the ball and pass it to you.




In order to disrupt the flow of the opponent and the ball so they do not get a good shot or is about to get cleared a player interfere.

Example: Interfere with the ball so I can get to the goal.




A player fools the opponent, faking a move so the opponent need to rethink what they should do and possibly end up doing the wrong thing. Mindgames

Example: I juked him so badly!




When a player hit the ball when it is close to touching a wall or another car and pinch the ball so it quickly bounce between the player and the wall or car at a very high speed compared to a normal strike with no friction.

Example: I’ll try pinch the ball.



When a player throw the ball into the air from the top of the hood or roof of their battle car.

Example: Nice pop!




When you keep up the attack or time in the opposing teams goal zone by repeating attacks, contest their blocks and clears and make sure the ball is kept in their goal zone. This creates stress and chaos and goal chances.

Example: We were pressured for so long and got out of position to save the ball from hitting the net.




The ball bounces of the wall and is hit. Rebounding is a skill in predicting bounces and set up bounces.

Example: I hit the rebound and cleared the ball.




Changing the trajectory by changing the direction of the ball. Most commonly used and mentioned together with aerials.

Example: Nice redirect into the goal!




When a team or player need to quickly switch position in order to adapt to what is happening. A player hit the ball towards the goal and missed and is no longer in position to get the ball, this player rotates to defense why a teammate who is on position for the ball rotate from defense to offense to pick up the ball or hit it.

Example: I rotate back on defense.




When a player hits the ball a long way and very accurately ending with either a goal or a pass.



When a player barely hit the ball, usually with the bumper. This usually happens mid-air.

Example: I missed the aerial because the ball tipped up.


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Common Game Abbreviations


Away From Keyboard
Be Right Back
Don't Worry
Insulting way of saying that something was made with ease
Good Game
Good Luck
Good Luck Have Fun
Have Fun
My Bad
No Problem
Nice Shot
No Worries
Nice One
Used when someone did a spectacular performance and feels the need to further humiliate the opponents


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